Cloud Security Melbourne


July 17, 2024Time: 8:20 AM to 4:50 PM AESTLocation: Crown Promenade, Melbourne, Australia

Join us at Cloud Security Melbourne 2024 to put dynamic security at the centre of your cloud strategy. As cloud becomes a critical business function, ensuring robust cloud security is essential for business survival and sustainability. This event offers a platform to explore successful cloud security strategies, secure new and current business opportunities, and exchange ideas and best practices to keep organisations secure, safe, and resilient.

Key Themes:

AI and Cloud Risk: Manage the risks of modern AI technology and deploy strategies for safer AI usage within and beyond the business.
Multi-Cloud Strategies: Tackle the unique challenges of multi-cloud adoption and develop a secure and safe multi-cloud strategy as your business grows.
Future of Cloud: Prepare for future cloud threats with the right guardrails, leadership actions, and strategic planning, while sharing ideas with peers.
Navigate Complexities: Learn best practices and strategies from pioneers in cloud risk management to avoid pitfalls and enhance security.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of cloud security.


Join us and use our discount code for $500 off: CSMELPAR500

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