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The water industry wants to write its own cybersecurity rules. Will Biden and Congress go for it?

When Iranian government operatives hacked into water utilities across the U.S. late last year, it was a chilling reminder of how vulnerable the water sector remains — and how tortuous the efforts to regulate its cybersecurity have been.
Jason Macuray
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Iran-Linked UNC1549 Hackers Target Middle East Aerospace & Defense Sectors

An Iran-nexus threat actor known as UNC1549 has been attributed with medium confidence to a new set of attacks targeting aerospace, aviation, and defense industries in the Middle East, including Israel and the U.A.E. Other targets of the cyber espionage activity likely include Turkey, India, and Albania, Google-owned Mandiant said in a new analysis. UNC1549 is said to overlap with&nbsp
Siva Ramakrishnan
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