Palo Alto Networks warns of zero-day in VPN product


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Financial organizations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are being targeted by a new version of an "evolving threat" called JSOutProx. "JSOutProx is a sophisticated attack framework utilizing both JavaScript and .NET," Resecurity said in a technical report published this week. "It employs the .NET (de)serialization feature to interact with a core
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The water industry wants to write its own cybersecurity rules. Will Biden and Congress go for it?

When Iranian government operatives hacked into water utilities across the U.S. late last year, it was a chilling reminder of how vulnerable the water sector remains — and how tortuous the efforts to regulate its cybersecurity have been.
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The threat actors behind the BlackCat ransomware have shut down their darknet website and likely pulled an exit scam after uploading a bogus law enforcement seizure banner. "ALPHV/BlackCat did not get seized. They are exit scamming their affiliates," security researcher Fabian Wosar said. "It is blatantly obvious when you check the source code of the new takedown notice." "There
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